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Next Step

WOW! We are so excited that you are ready to take your next step into our vision of helping you connect to, grow in, and serve God. Look through our Next Steps Booklet and go through the action steps listed. Then fill out the form to let us know you are ready to take that next step!

The Next Steps packet above has the Church's unifying beliefs but if you would like to know more specifics, our full statement of faith may be downloaded here.

Our Calendar

There are a lot of next steps scheduled. Find one that fits you and make that next step. Also, you can subscribe by clicking here.

Ready to take the next step?
Then fill out the Form!

If you have more questions about how to get involved fill out the form or give Pastor Chris a text message at 479-310-6588

Nervous? Don't be. Were not asking you to take all the steps, just the next one.  Together we can slowly walk forward and make progress. Reach out and jump in!

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Areas Of Interest

Thank you for sharing your interests. We can't guarantee any position but we will take your interests into consideration when we visit with you about your next step.  Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for taking the next step. We will be in contact soon.

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